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Candle Kit - KharislavenderCandle Kit - Kharislavender
Candle Kit Sale price$20.00
Create your Own Gift Basket + Card + Personalized Note - KharislavenderCreate your Own Gift Basket + Card + Personalized Note - Kharislavender
Save $4.76Cupid´s Bath Basket - KharislavenderCupid´s Bath Basket - Kharislavender
Cupid´s Bath Basket Sale price$64.99 Regular price$69.75
Save $7.26Daily Love with Lavender / Indulgent Shower Gift Set - Kharislavender
Deluxe Sachets - KharislavenderDeluxe Sachets - Kharislavender
Deluxe Sachets Sale price$20.00
DIY Candle Kit - KharislavenderDIY Candle Kit - Kharislavender
DIY Candle Kit Sale price$29.00
Dried Lavender Bundles - KharislavenderDried Lavender Bundles - Kharislavender
Dried Lavender Bundles Sale priceFrom $7.50
Lavender Fire Starters. Lavender kindling. Fall/Winter Fire starters for fireplaces, wood stoves, campfires, smokers. Fall Bonfires
Ebook Aromatherapy Sale price$0.00
Ebook Cooking Sale price$0.00
Ebook March Sale price$0.00
Epitome of Grace Candle - KharislavenderEpitome of Grace Candle - Kharislavender
Gift Wrap - Kharislavender
Gift Wrap Sale price$5.00
Save $2.76Hugs and Kisses xoxo - KharislavenderHugs and Kisses xoxo - Kharislavender
Hugs and Kisses xoxo Sale price$19.99 Regular price$22.75
Lavender + Rose Candle - KharislavenderLavender + Rose Candle - Kharislavender
Lavender Flavors Set - Kharislavender
Lavender Flavors Set Sale price$49.99
Sold outLavender Hands & Body Lotion - KharislavenderLavender Hands & Body Lotion, dry and normal skin. Natural Lavender essential oil
On saleLavender in the Air - KharislavenderLavender in the Air - Kharislavender
Lavender in the Air Sale price$50.99 Regular price$57.50
Lavender Lava Exfoliating Body Wash - KharislavenderLavender Lava Exfoliating Body Wash - Kharislavender
Lavender Pearl Shower Gel - KharislavenderLavender Pearl Shower Gel - Kharislavender
Lavender Pearl Shower Gel Sale price$13.00