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Lavender Home Scents and Products

For Your Home

Suffuse your home with the fresh smell of our lavender home scents and products. Create an inviting home for you and your guests and feel as if you’re among lavender fields with our eco-friendly home products, infused with real lavender. Whether you’d like to beautify your home, desire to live a more balanced + healthier lifestyle, seek unique gifts, or want beloved favors for parties, weddings and bridal showers – look no further! Shop our variety of lavender home scents and products now. We have candles, lavender bundles, soaps, room sprays, room mists, and many more products for our customers to choose from. Once you find the item you love, we will ship it right to your home!

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Carpet Freshener - KharislavenderCarpet Freshener - Kharislavender
Carpet Freshener Sale price$8.00
DIY Candle Kit - KharislavenderDIY Candle Kit - Kharislavender
DIY Candle Kit Sale price$29.00
Dried Lavender Bundles - KharislavenderDried Lavender Bundles - Kharislavender
Dried Lavender Bundles Sale priceFrom $7.50
Lavender Fire Starters. Lavender kindling. Fall/Winter Fire starters for fireplaces, wood stoves, campfires, smokers. Fall Bonfires
Epitome of Grace Candle - KharislavenderEpitome of Grace Candle - Kharislavender
Handmade Soap Bar - KharislavenderHandmade Soap Bar - Kharislavender
Handmade Soap Bar Sale price$8.99
Lavender + Rose Candle - KharislavenderLavender + Rose Candle - Kharislavender
Lavender Laundry Dryer Bags - Kharislavender
Lavender Sachets - KharislavenderLavender Sachets - Kharislavender
Lavender Sachets Sale price$5.50
Linen + Room Spray Lavender - KharislavenderLinen + Room Spray Lavender - Kharislavender
Love Spell Candle - KharislavenderLove Spell Candle - Kharislavender
Love Spell Candle Sale price$17.00
Room Mist - KharislavenderRoom Mist - Kharislavender
Room Mist Sale priceFrom $4.50
Shower Steamer - KharislavenderShower Steamer - Kharislavender
Shower Steamer Sale price$8.50