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About Us

Our Story

Greetings! We are Robert & Claudia. 
My husband and I bring unique perspectives to our budding lavender farm and business. My Bolivian roots allow me to appreciate the importance of natural ingredients and how what we put on (and in) our bodies affects our wellbeing..
Robert brings his culture’s influence into our lavender farming venture. Instead of growing rows of tulips, like in his native country of The Netherlands, we grow lavender. His Dutch innovation enhances our farming procedures and product creation. Along with his creative, out-of-the-box thinking which delivers the ideal customer experience.
Together, we have built a local business known for our picturesque lavender farm with high-quality products and services. Within the fields of Kharis, we are making our dreams a reality and leaving a legacy for the children of our children.

Why the Name “Kharis”

Lavender, a fragrant flower, is valued for its organic beauty, healing properties and more recently its growing popularity in the culinary world. Lavender fields wafting in the breeze is the epitome of grace. Hence, it made perfect sense to name our fields "Kharis", from the Greek word χάρη, meaning "Grace".

Our Community Involvement and Social Commitment

We provide work opportunities to those in poverty, specifically women in my homeland of Bolivia. We take pride in being actively involved with our Greater Washington Community, particularly Montgomery County, by participating in farmers markets, partnerships with local honey producers, and family activities held at our farm location. Our beautiful lavender fields and farm are an ideal setting for photography sessions, small group courses and our lavender kitchen experiences.

claudia and santi kharis lavender

This is us.

kharis farm video