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Claudia's Story

Claudia Tsas - Kharis Lavender Fields

After 16+ years of working in an office, I was ready for a change. I have always valued lifting others up, promoting a healthy wellbeing and, above all, my family. So, what to do?


With some capital, a desire to do good and enormous entrepreneurial zeal, my search led me to Bethesda Green, a nonprofit that helps meet local environmental challenges. Through them I got the idea to use my land to grow lavender, a sustainable plant with low carbon and water footprints. Not to mention lavender has long been known for its soothing scent and natural healing properties!


With my husband and three children by my side, Kharis Lavender Fields was born. Armed with great drive and passion, our lavender fields were blooming and our showroom was stocked with beautiful, useful products in just eight months.


I pour myself into every aspect of this venture, from cultivating the soil, to overseeing website development. From deciding which items to produce, to packing orders with love and care. And the best part is being able to experience it all at home on the farm with loved ones!


My children love working together as a family and I love creating lifelong memories with them. In 2020, I graduated from mom to grandma—not once, but twice! Now two rows of lavender are named after my beloved grandsons, who I get to see grow alongside our lavender fields.


As Kharis grows, so does our local and global impact. It fills me with joy to know my children witness not just how hard work can pay off, but the good that can blossom from it.


We not only want to create memories for our own family, but yours, too. Kharis Lavender Fields is a miniature farm, processing plant, factory, retailer and destination—where everyone can relax and learn about lavender, agriculture and the environment. I invite you to visit our farm and boutique gift shop, or shop our lavender goodies online to bring the farm to you.



Claudia Tsas

~Claudia Tsas, Kharis Lavender Fields Founder