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Room Mist

Sale price$4.50

Weight: 4 oz | Use our Room Mist in your home AND on yourself. These essential oil-based sprays are great, natural alternatives to traditional perfumes.

Say HELLO to your new best friend: An on-the-go spritz to brighten your spirits! For an extra special treat, keep refrigerated and give yourself a refreshing mist on a hot day. Available in four calming aromas to satisfy your senses and refresh your space. Choose from: Lavender and Lavender + Sage.


Lavender Body Mist – A crisp aroma, traditionally believed to promote calm and relaxation
Lavender + Sage Body Mist – A fresh, warm aroma, traditionally believed to have anti-stress effects that help clarify the mind

Recommended Use:
Use regularly for maximum benefits. Give yourself a light spritz to treat yourself with some aromatherapy everywhere you go. For home use, spray the air to freshen rooms, or directly onto furniture and bedding.

Room Mist
Room Mist Sale price$4.50