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DIY Candle Kit

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Spark creativity and craft personalized fragrances with our delightful DIY candle kit. Perfect for anyone who loves a hands-on approach to self-expression, this kit offers everything you need to explore the world of scent-making.

100% Beginner Friendly

We designed a simple, beginner friendly kit that requires no candle making skills or additional equipment. Everything you need to make the perfect candle is included in your kit. The only missing element is you! 


Candle Making Kit Includes
Wood wick
Wick stand
Wick stand sticker
Warning sticker
100% soy wax
Wax mixer
Classic glass jar
Oil(s) of your choice
+50 hours of burn time, 8 oz


Key Ingredients
Eco-friendly, natural crackling wood wick
100% US grown soy wax
Essential Oils


Recommended Use:
To ensure the best candle experience, keep in mind these care instructions:
· The first burn is the most important, so allowing the wax to fully melt before blowing it out will ensure a consistent burn each time.
· Our wicks are pre-cut to save you the hassle and expedite your enjoyment.
· Wooden wicks naturally shrink with burning but we recommend trimming your wick to ¼” each time you light the candle
· We value sustainability so please reduce, reuse and repurpose your container! Once your candle is finished, you can wipe clean with a dry or damp cloth.
· Please refer to the label on the candle for additional safety measures.

DIY Candle Kit - Kharislavender
DIY Candle Kit Sale price$29.00