Lavender Sachets

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The uses are endless for our versatile Lavender Sachets, filled with farm-grown Lavender buds (see the Recommended Use section).

Placing a pouch of Lavender in drawers and linen cupboards is a centuries-old method to infuse your fabrics with a vibrant, calming aroma and keep insects away. The Lavender buds are direct from our farm and will keep their scent for years to come. Simply squeeze the rustic chic sachet gently to release the natural oils, take deep breaths, and enjoy the numerous benefits of Lavender. Each sachet is approximately 3” x 6” and made of organza and cotton. You’ll also love our Body and Room Mist!


Key Ingredients:
Farm-Grown Lavender Buds

Recommended Use:
Here are just a few of our favorite other ways to use these sachets:
· Natural air freshener for your car, truck, SUV, boat or RV.
· Place in your pillowcase before your relaxing sleep.
· Put in your purse or sports bag to keep them smelling fresh.
· Toss in a suitcase to freshen up your clothing on-the-go.
· Open up and toss at a wedding instead of rice.
· Include in a gift bag to your friends for special occasions.
· Unique guest favors for weddings, parties or showers (baby or bridal).
· Lay down and place over eyes after a long day.
· Knitters – Place in your yarn to keep out moths.

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