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Dried Lavender Stem Bundles-Fire Starters

Sale price$10.25

Set of 3 dried bundles of lavender.
Our lavender bundles quickly light up and smell like fun lavender smudge sticks as they get your fire burning.
Ideal for house fireplaces, campfires, or your next grilling adventure.
What a unique gift for him!


Our Lavender Fire Starters are a natural alternative for your household or your friends.
Once the lavender buds have been removed, we are left with stems that Kharis beautifully bundled as fire starters for your home fireplace, campfires, and barbecues. To infuse meat or fish with a delicious lavender flavor you can soak the bundles in water and add them to a smoker.

The more you use the lavender bundles, you’ll find that the aroma of lavender stems grows on you.


Recommended Use:
Place beneath the firewood in an indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit. Light the edge of our label with a match to kindle a fragrant fire.
Aprox. 10 inches x 3.5 inches each bundle.

Lavender Fire Starters. Lavender kindling. Fall/Winter Fire starters for fireplaces, wood stoves, campfires, smokers. Fall Bonfires
Dried Lavender Stem Bundles-Fire Starters Sale price$10.25