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Peppermint Sinus Relief

Sale price$11.75

Weight: 2 oz | Are you seeking relief for your nasal congestion and discomfort?

The natural ingredients in our Peppermint Sinus Relief Inhaler are traditionally believed to help you breathe easier by clearing mucus and opening airways, while reducing inflammation. Also try our Headache Relief Inhaler and Stress Away Inhaler!


Key Ingredients:
Soybean Oil – Traditionally believed to reduce inflammation
Sunflower Oil – Traditionally believed to strengthen the immune system
Menthol Crystals – Derived from peppermint oil, menthol is traditionally believed to promote easier breathing, soothe scratchy throats, relieve nasal congestion and alleviate headaches and sinus discomfort

Recommended Use:
Rub a small amount into your temples, avoiding contact with the eyes. Not for children under 6.

Peppermint Sinus Relief - Kharislavender
Peppermint Sinus Relief Sale price$11.75