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Inhaler Headache Relief

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Troublesome headaches tend to ruin an otherwise perfectly fine day. The natural ingredients in our Headache Relief Inhaler are traditionally believed to help melt away pain and relieve pressure. This aromatherapy product has been used to help with all types of headaches, particularly those accompanied by sinus issues. Perfect for on-the-go! Also try our Stress Away Inhaler.


Key Ingredients:
Himalayan Salt – Traditionally believed to help clean your sinuses and lungs, as well as treat seasonal allergies and chest congestion
Essential Oil – Our natural blend is quickly absorbed by your body. Traditionally believed to help relieve pain and bring a sense of calm


Recommended Use:
Remove cover, insert tube into nostril and take a long, deep breath. Repeat on the other side. Not for children under 6.

Inhaler Headache Relief - Kharislavender
Inhaler Headache Relief Sale price$9.50