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Floral + Herbal Bath Blend

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Set of 2

Weight: Each bag is 3-4 oz | Inhale peace and exhale stress as you immerse your body in a therapeutic and calming bath soak with our Floral + Herbal Bath Blend.

Each tea bath sachet contains restorative Epsom salt and a specially curated blend of botanicals for an aromatic self-care experience. Take time to unwind, relieve nervous tension, and ease stiffness in your joints + muscles. Your cares will melt away as you soothe your body + mind + spirit with this spa-like treatment from the comfort of your tub. Makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. You’ll also love our Epitome of Grace Candle!


Key Ingredients:
Angustifolia Lavender Buds – Grown and hand-picked in the USA from our family farm
Organic German Chamomile flowers, Lemon Balm Leaves and Rose Petals – Our unique blend of herbs to help rejuvenate your body + mind
Premium Epsom Bath Salt – An anti-inflammatory and gentle + natural exfoliator believed to treat pain, swelling, soreness, bruises and more. USP grade Epsom salt is manufactured, tested and certified to meet strict
regulatory standards
Natural Essential Oils – The essence of Lavender, Rose and Chamomile enhance the aromatic experience

Recommended Use:
Simply place the sachet in the bathtub and allow the contents to diffuse as it fills. Take deep breaths and soak your body for 20+ minutes, allowing nature to indulge you with a soothing aromatherapy experience. Rinse completely. Use up to 3 times per week, depending on skin sensitivity.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

5" x 5"

Floral + Herbal Bath Blend - Kharislavender
Floral + Herbal Bath Blend Sale price$12.75