Dog Refresh Spray

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Weight: 8 oz | This essential oil-based spritz is safe for external use on dogs and puppies.

Does your dog smell bad? Quickly refresh your pet with this natural deodorizing pet spray! It not only helps your furry friends smell cleaner and fresher longer, but the Lavender aroma is traditionally believed to help keep them calm. This essential oil-based spritz is safe for external use on dogs and puppies. Use in between baths, after a long walk, or whenever you need to get rid of that “wet dog” smell. Perfect for on-the-go pampering of your pooch! Also check out our Dog Shampoo Bar.


Key Ingredients:

Our Dog Refresh Spray is made with earth-friendly ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for your dogs. This product is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and is not required to have ingredients listed on the label

Recommended Use:
Shake well. Between baths, spray generously on your dog’s coat from six inches away. Follow by brushing or combing for better absorption. Do not spray on the face or near the eyes.
Not for use on cats, who are sensitive to essential oils.

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