Essential Oil Distiller from Portugal to Kharis

A couple of months ago, this beauty arrived from Portugal. It is a beautiful, handmade piece of equipment, 100% Copper Alembic, that we are using to extract essential oil from our lavender flowers.


Essential oil - lavender flowers


My husband, Robert, is in charge of the distilling process. We are still debating whether this is an art or we can say we have scientific procedures in place.

When you are ordering essential oil, think of this: Each cycle requires five pounds of fresh lavender and more than eight hours to produce about one ounce of wonderfully-scented oil.

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Every product that I have tried has been amazing. The lotion smalls amazing and leaves my skin so soft. I have a lavender bundle on display as a center piece in my home. Every item is packaged with love. You can tell when a company loves…

Lauren Hinkle