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Article: Leading and Serving our Community

Leading and Serving our Community - Kharislavender

Leading and Serving our Community

More than 100 “Stress Away” Inhalers went into the appreciation bags sent by “Leadership Montgomery” to their students graduating in 2020. Thank you “Leadership Montgomery” for the opportunity!

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“The Lavender Barn" - Kharislavender

“The Lavender Barn"

  Our barn and team are both under construction. Both are asource of joy and excitement.     Our team is a bouquet of beautiful ladies ranging in age from 50 (me, the oldest) to 29 years old. Fro...

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Autor: @beetwosweet
Dried lavender flowers

Lavender details for a perfect Wedding

I would have never imagined having the opportunity to assist a bride and her mom in preparing the details of a wedding, as result of a referral. - Claudia Tsas, Owner We worked together at every ...

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