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Our unique Lavender Spice Blends will be your favorite new go-to seasonings! We have both Lavender Pepper and Herbs de Provence available.



Weight: 1 oz | Our unique Lavender Pepper Spice Blend will undoubtedly be your new favorite addition to your spice cabinet. Made with whole peppercorns, cinnamon and lavender buds for a natural, savory and flavorful spice, it will add just the right amount of kick to many of your dishes


Key Ingredients:
Whole Peppercorns
Lavender Buds
Orange Peel

Recommended Use:
Comes with a built-in grinder lid. Lavender Pepper Spice Blend may be used as any pepper.



Weight: .25 oz | The quintessential blend of herbs you never knew you needed in your spice cabinet until today. Our Herbs de Provence Spice Blend is a delicious, multipurpose mix of herbs, whose flavor profile originated in the Provence region of France. Keep this on hand for baking, seasoning meats, and spicing up soup, rice, pasta and egg dishes. Bon appétit!


Key Ingredients:
Lavender Buds
Savory Fennel


Recommended Use:
Comes with a built-in grinder lid. Use as you would any other spice and add desired amount to your dish.

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