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Article: Every Month is Women’s Month at Kharis

Every Month is Women’s Month at Kharis - Kharislavender

Every Month is Women’s Month at Kharis

March is Women’s History Month, making it the perfect moment to shine a light on female entrepreneurship. We owe it all to women who came before us. The strong women who paved the way, so we can vote, buy a home, join the military, and start our own businesses.

It was only in 1988 that women could own a business without the need of a male to co-sign on a loan. That was only THIRTY-FOUR years ago. Here are some statistics on women entrepreneurship this year:

  • Women own 31% of small businesses or franchises in the US.
  • 17% of black women are in the process of starting or running a new business.
  • 14% of women-owned businesses employ between 11 and 50+ workers
  • There are 114% more female entrepreneurs in the US today than 20 years ago.
  • There are 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the US.
  • Women represent 50% of entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We cheer on the women in the workplace, going toe-to-toe with their male counterparts, but there’s also a ton of appreciation due to women who choose to stay in the home. As a stay-at-home-mom myself, I feel the unpaid labor provided by women goes overlooked. Whether women choose to go back to work, stay home or do a combination of both, each decision should be respected and applauded. It just goes to show there’s nothing a women can’t do, even in a man’s world.

Although March is coming to a close, every month is Women’s Month to us! Women are the heartbeat of Kharis Lavender and we like it that way! Our team is comprised of independent, creative women (including mothers) who understand that we are better together. We are so lucky to have a supportive team of women who understand it's about collaboration, not competition. From website design to sewing and all the event planning in between, our team of boss ladies do it all! Every

To read the stories of the Women of Kharis, minus a few gals, click here.




“We are women empowering women. We are building a company that spreads and promotes happiness, passion, diversity, discovery, sharing, tolerance and inclusion.”

- Claudia, Founder


For more information about Women’s History Month visit these websites:

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