Aida's Corner

I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, overlooking the beautiful Avila Mountain, where my love for the outdoors was born. Being in touch with nature relaxes me and refreshes my soul. With Kharis, I use aromatic lavender to offer you unique products I make with my hands. This outlet enables me to cultivate my creativity and focus my mind on positive things. As a preteen, I learned how to knit and I fell in love with it. After making my own sweater, I felt powerful. And this is what Jesus is doing for me through Kharis—HE empowers me by waking up my creative talents. Furthermore, it is gratifying to know that the specialty items I handcraft have a welcome place in your home. I now live in Gaithersburg with my husband and boys, 10 and 12. Arts run in this family. Our older son loves to draw and play the violin and our younger boy enjoys folding origami.